I am John’s Heart

1. What should a man do to avoid a heart attack?
Ans. A man should not eat much fatty food. He should do light exercise daily. He should also give up smoking.

2. What particular foods should the heart patient avoid?
Ans. The heart patient should avoid fatty foods.

3. What are the two false notions about heart?
Ans. The two false notions about heart are that it is very romantic and has fragile and delicate nature.

4. Why is smoking injurious to health?
Ans. J.D. Ratcliff explains that smoking is very injurious health. It narrows arteries which raise the blood pressure. It stimulates the heart. A cigarette increases heart beat from a normal 72 into the 80’s.

5. What can a man do to avoid heart attack?
Ans. A man can do the following to avoid heart attack:
(i) He should lessen overweight, (ii) he should maintain his blood pressure, (iii) he should give up smoking, (iv) he should avoid fatty foods and (v) he should stop worrying.

6. How can the rate of the heart beats be brought down?
Ans. There is a way to bring down the rate of the heart beats. The vagus nerves act as a brake. Gentle massage here will slow heart beat.

7. What is heart if it is not a romantic character?
Ans. Heart is not a romantic character. It is just a hardworking four-chambered pump.


8. How does the heart get its nourishment?
Ans. The heart gets its nourishment from the blood. It comes through its own coronary arteries. It does not get it from the blood passing through its four chambers.

9. How does the heart describe itself?
Ans. The heart describes itself in the first person. It says that it is not a beautiful part of the body. It weights 340 gram with a length of 15 cm and width of 10 cm. It is pear-shaped and is of red-brown in colour.
10. What is the normal blood pressure for a middle aged man?
Ans. The normal blood pressure for a middle aged man is 140/90.

11. For how much time and when does the heart rest?
Ans . The heart has a rest period of half a second. It rests after the left ventricle has contracted and pushed blood into the body.

12 . What kind of machine is the heart?
Ans. Heart is a kind of pumping machine. It has two pumps to push the blood into the lungs and the body.

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