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प्रिय विद्यार्थियों , आप सभी के बहुत अनुरोध के कारण मै आपको सम्पूर्ण पाठ्य क्रम का नोट्स बना कर दे रहा हूँ | अगर आप इसको मन लगा कर पढ़ लोगे तो इंग्लिश के पेपर में आप सभी के अच्छे अंक आ सकते है |Merchent Of Venic एक नाटक है | मैंने इसमें मुख्य मुख्य question और उनके Answer दिए है जो आपकी परीक्षाओ के लिए बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण है | आप लोग इस वेबसाइट को अधिक से अधिक अपने मित्रो और जरूरतमंद बच्चो तक जरुर Share करे जिससे अधिक से अधिक विधार्थी इसका लाभ प्राप्त कर सके और एक मजबूत भारत का निर्माण किया जा सके |
इंग्लिश की परीक्षा में character sketch जरुर आता है इसीलिए परीक्षा में घुमा फिरा कर भी question दिया जा सकता है |

Question : Give your opinion of the character of Antonio. Or Draw a character sketch of Antonio. Or In what respect does Antonio show a weakness in his character? ANSWER . Introduction:- Antonio, the merchant of Venice, who gives the title to the play is an ideal friend and an ideal character.A man of moods: The truth of the matter is that by nature he is a man of moods. He can be as optimistic as he is melancholy when he choses. His benevolence:- He is so great that once he knows that his friend is in need he is ready to help him at all costs. He asks Shylock to advance the money as an enemy if not as a friend. He signs the bond which is in it self an insane act. His love for Bassanio: As a friend he is extreme. When Antonio has lost his merchandise and it is certain that he is unable to pay the Jew’s debt, he does not inform Bassanio. His hatred for the Jew: Antonio denounced the Jew’s usury. He insulted the Jew and did not hesitate to wound his national pride. Antonio uses intemperate language for the Jew.

Conclusion: Antonio is a kind-hearted and sweet-mannered man. He is indulgent to weakness; in prosperity modest, in adversity cheerful.

Question : Draw a character-sketch of Bassanio as portrayed in the play ‘The Merchant of Venice’.

Or Give your estimate of the character of Bassanio in the play ‘The Merchant of Venice’.

Bassanio has a sense of adventure in his character. Even his love for Portia is born out of a sense of adventure.

His qualities: To be worthy of the love of Portia Bassanio must have had qualities above the common.

Bassanio’s true qualities are seen in the best light in the casket scene. He is attracted by the motto ‘who chooseth me must give and hazard all he hath’. In his own life he has always taken risks gladly.

His extravagance: He believes in living in high style, entertaining his friends keeping up an imposing show even if this involves him in debt.

His loyalty to Antonio:As soon as he learns and realizes the gravity of the situation in which his friend is placed he hurries to Venice and does all that lies in his power to help his friend. In the trial scene he offers not only many times the amount due but his own life and his wife.

Conclusion:- A person who won the warm hearted affection of two such good persons as Antonio and Portia must have been essentially a good fellow.

Question  : Draw a character-sketch of Portia.

Or ‘’In Portia’s personality we find a blend of beauty and brain’’. Comment.

Or Describe Portia’s role as a lawyer.
Or ‘’ Portia is the blend of beauty and wisdom”. Comment.

Or Point out the prominent qualities in the character of Portia.


Introduction: One of the most pleasing woman characters in all Shakespeare’s plays is Portia.

Her personality: Portia has both masculine and feminine qualities in her. She rises to the situation as required.

Her wit and wisdom: With all her sweetness and womanly grace she is by far the most practical and resourceful character in the play.

She plays the role of a doctor of law with self-confidence and skill in the trial scene. For a moment the Jew himself is led to call her very Daniel come to judgement.

Her speech on the divine quality of mercy pleases the Duke and the friends of Antonio. Her strict adherence to the terms of the bond gratifies the Jew.

Her judgement that the Jew shall not let out a drop of Christian blood satisfies the demand of poetic justice.

Conclusion: Portia is the sweetest heroine and she is a combination of beauty and intellect.

Question : Why did Shylock hate Antonio? Give reasons.

Or How does Shakespeare portray Shylock’s character?

Or Give a character-sketch of Shylock on the basis of the play ‘The Merchant of Venice’.

Or Does the character of Shylock reflect hatred?


Introduction: Shylock is the most dominant character in the play “The Merchant of Venice”. Shylock is a money-lender and a rich Jew of Venice.

A greedy person: Shylock is a greedy person. When his daughter Jessica runs away with his gold, he laments more for his gold than for his daughter.

His hatred for Antonio: Shylock hates Antonio because Antonio is a Christian. And Antonio lends money without interest. Antonio calls him a cur and spits on his zaberdine.

Cunning and revengeful: Shylock is very cunning and revengeful. He lends money to Antonio with he spirit of revenge. Very cunningly he makes Antonio sign the bond.

What Shylock wants is not money but blood. And he nearly succeeds, only a legal quibble turns the table against him.

Shylock may have been sinned against ever so much but he is not less sinning in the trial scene. Shylock is forced not only to give up his riches but also to turn Christian.

Conclusion: On the one hand there is love of his wife and daughter, his national pride, his strength and determination on the other his avarice, his rapacity, his diabolical lust for the blood of a fellow man.

Question : Describe Lorenzo-Jessica Episode in your own words.

Ans. I found that LORENZO JESSICA EPISODE was very interesting.

Introduction: Lorenzo and Jessica make a pair which underline the romantic element in the play ‘Merchant of Venice’.

Her elopement: Jessica’s revolt against her father and her elopement with Lorenzo with a casket of jewels and money creates and unfavourable impression at first sight.

Jessica is a girl of her romantic leanings and lone of music and spectacle could hardly thrive in the dull, dismal surroundings of a house which her father had turned into a hell.

Their identical nature: In Lorenzo, Jessica found a kindred soul, a happy-go-luck, carefree and bright nature like her own.

Lorenzo is romantic, a lover of beauty for its own sake. Though a Christian, he has no prejudice against marrying a Jewish girl if she was grace and beauty.

Conclusion: Altogether the Lorenzo-Jessica episode is one of the brightest and most pleasing spots in a play which at times hovers on the brinks of a tragedy.

Question : Discuss the trial scene in the ‘The Merchant of Venice’.

Or How did Portia conduct Antonio’s defence in the guise of a lawQyer?

Or How does Portia save Antonio?

Ans. Introduction: The trial scene in the play ‘The Merchant of Venice’ has a great significance. It presents the conflict between justice and wickedness. Here Portia’s character has been highlighted.

Tragic as well as comic scene: In this scene, the Bond story of Antonio reaches its tragic height. The revenge of Shylock wins but the disguise of Portia as an advocate again creates humour.

Importance of trial scene: Through this scene the conflict between Shylock and Portia comes to an end. Portia asks Shylock to cut off the flesh of Antonio and warns him that in the process of cutting off flesh, no drop of blood should come out as it is not according to terms.

Punishment to Shylock: Portia’s brilliant arguments escape Antonio. Shylock was ready to accept the three thousand ducats. But Portia exclaims Shylock’s will to kill Antonio. According to law, Shylock’s half property will go to Antonio and half will be forfeited.

Hence, the trial scene ends with the victory of judgement.

Question : How is the story of the rings connected with the plot of the play ‘The Merchant of Venice’?

Or Discuss the ring episode in the play ‘The Merchant of Venice’.

Ans. I like most the ring scene in ‘The Merchant of Venice’.


Introduction: Bassanio offers the lawyer three thousands ducats as his fee. The lawyer refuses to take fee. He is not mercenary mind. ‘He who is well satisfied is well paid, and I am well paid.’

Keepsake: Bassanio presses the lawyer to accept something from them as keepsake, not as payment. Then the lawyer asks Antonio to give his gloves and asks Bassanio to give the ring he was wearing. Bassanio pretends that ring is a trifling thing, he would give him the most expensive ring available in Venice. Antonio asks Bassanio to let the lawyer have the ring. Gratiano carries the ring to the lawyer. At the same time the clerk persuaded Gratiano to give his ring.

At Belmont: The lawyer is Portia and the clerk is Nerissa. While Antonio is being introduced by Bassanio to Portia, Nerissa loses no time in picking a quarrel with Gratiano about he ring. Likewise Portia humiliates Bassanio about her ring.

Conclusion: Portia makes Antonio surety to give the ring to Bassanio and bid him keep it better than the other.

Question:  Give a substance of Portia’s speech on ‘Mercy’.

Ans. ‘The Merchant of Venice’ is one of the best plays of Shakespeare. Portia is the heroine who, in disguise of a lawyer, defends Antonio. She tries to get justice cleverly. She tries to calm down Shylock with the argument that he should be merciful to Antonio.

A noble virtue: Portia says to Shylock that mercy is a noble virtue of human heart. It is God’s gift. It is a continuous process which blesses both the giver and the receiver. She says that no one can be forced for this. It falls from the heart of a man as gentle rain falls from heaven. It is quality of God.

God’s virtue: Portia explains that the person, who shows the quality of mercy, gains God’s power. Powerful persons should have the power of mercy. This is stronger than the crown of a king. The person, who has mercy, is more honourable than the person without mercy.

Further, Portia says that God is merciful even to the sinners. She describes Shylock that a merciful man is like God. So he should be merciful towards Antonio.

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