short question A Fellow Traveller

Q. 1. Answer any one of the following questions in not more than 30 words :
a) When did A.G. Gardiner become aware of his fellow traveller ?
Ans. A.G Gardiner was alone in the compartment and was reading a newspaper. At that moment a mosquito came and sat on his nose, and then he became aware of his fellow traveller.
b) When did the author, A.G. Gardiner, feel than he was not superior to the mosquito ?
Ans. The mosquito was developing into a personality. He was no longer a mere insect and was gaining on equal terms. Then the author felt that he was not superior to the mosquito.
c) Give a brief description of the train by which the narrator was traveling by.
Ans. It was a passenger train. It was a very slow train. It was tolerably full when it started, but the travelers alighted in ones and twos at the suburban stations.
d) What are the advantages of travelling alone in a railway compartment ?
Ans. It is a liberty and unrestraint in a very agreeable form. You can do anything you like when you travel alone in a railway compartment.
e) What did the author do while travelling alone in the compartment ?
Ans. While travelling alone in the compartment, the author read his newspaper and smoked a cigarette as usual.

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