The Heritage of India

The Heritage of India Questions and Answer

Q.1. Answer any one of the following questions in not more than 30 words :

a) What did Rammohan Roy and Vivekanand advocate?
Or What did Rammohan Roy advocate?
Ans. Rammohan Roy advocated social reform and Vivekanand advocated that the highest form of service of Mother India was social service.

b) What does the heritage of India consist of?
Ans. The heritage of India consists of Hindu culture and its cultural traditions, books like Gita, Upanishads and Ramayana and Mahabharata, love stories of ancient legends and peaceful life.

c) What do you understand by ‘Social Service’ as a religious duty?
Ans. It means that we should do ‘social service’ with the same faith as we do religious acts.

d) What is the future of the Indian culture according to the writer?
Ans. According to the writer, the future of the Indian culture is bright. Much that was useless in ancient Indian culture has already perished.

e) How will Hindu civilization retain its continuity?
Ans. Hindu civilization will retain its continuity for the Bhagawad Gita will not cease to inspire men of action, and the Upanishads men of thought. The quiet and gentle happiness of Indian life will continue.

f) What do Bhagawad Gita and the Upanishads do, according to A.L. Basham?
Ans. Indian culture will keep its attraction and will always be inspired by the Bhagawad Gita and the Upanishads.

g) What evidence does the writer give to prove that the Indian culture has changed a lot?
Ans. Indian culture has changed a lot and this change can be seen in all the sections of the society. The people do not care for castism so much. Child marriages and Sati system are out of date.

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