The Home coming notes

1. Who was the ringleader among the boys of the village?
Ans. Phatik Chakravorti was the ringleader of the boys of the village.

2. Who sat down on the log?
Ans. It was Makhan, Phatik’s younger brother who sat down on the log in front of the boys without talking any word to them.

3. Describe how log did go on the word ‘go’.
Ans. The boys started to move the log with their calling ‘one, two, three, go’. At the word ‘go’ the log started moving and with it went Makhan’s philosophy, glory and all.

4. Why was Phatik excited to go to Calcutta?
Ans. Phatik was living in country side. He became extremely excited as now he would be able to see a big city like Calcutta.

5. What things were bequeathed to Makhan by his brother Phatik?
Ans. Phatik was much excited to go to Calcutta. He bequeathed to his brother Makhan his fishing-rod, his big kite and his marbles. Indeed, at the time of departure his generosity for Makhan was boundless.

6. Who was Phatik and what type of boy was he?
Ans. Phatik, a boy of 14 years was the son of Bishambar’s sister. He was quarrelsome, disobedient, lazy and wild.

7. Who was Makhan and how was he different from his elder brother?
Ans. Makhan, younger son of Bishamber’s sister was the younger brother of Phatik. He was obedient, quiet and fond of reading.

8. How was Phatik treated in Calcutta?
Ans. Phatik was not treated well at his aunt’s house in Calcutta. He was regarded as an additional burden and not welcomed by any one in the family. He was always rebuked for his small mistakes.

9. Who was Bishambar? Why did he return to Calcutta?
Ans. Bishamber, the elder brother of Phatik’s mother left village of Bombay soon after his sister’s marriage. After some time, he came back to Calcutta in order to education his children.
10. In which condition did Phatik’s mother found her son in Calcutta?.


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