Women’s Education

A. What kind of women does the society need now?
Ans. Now, society needs women of disciplined minds and restrained manners.

b. What were the things women were entitled to in ancient India?
Ans. In ancient India women were authorized to study the Vedas. They were also authorized to the chanting of the Gayatri Mantra . They had the ceremony of Upanayana performed for them.

c. What are the three important qualities of a valuable life?
Ans. The three important qualities of a valuable life include da, da, da meaning dama, dana and days. These constitute the essentials of good life.

d. What constitutes the essence of the good life?
Ans. The essence of the good life are : dama or self-control, dana or charity, daya or compassion. That is self-control or restraint, charity and compassion constitute the essence of good life.

e. What was the great teaching that Lakshman’s mother gave him when he was going to the forest?
Ans. ‘Look upon Rama as your father, Dasratha; look upon Sita as myself, as your mother, look upon the forest as Ayodhya; go, my dear’.

f. What particular quality distinguishes men from women?
Ans. Compassion is the main quality that distinguishes men form women. Women are more compassionate than men. Compassion is the natural quality of women.

g. By whose exertions has a revolution been effected after Independence?
Ans. By the exertions of Mahatma Gandhi a revolution has been effected after Independence.

h. What are the opportunities available to women in our times?
Ans. Women in our times have a lot of opportunities. They can learn science, technology, art or literature. They can take part in social work, public life and administration.

i. Describe the main purpose of education?
Ans. The main purpose of education is not only getting knowledge and earning our living but also entering into a happier and better world.

j. What cause the decline of woman hood according to S. Radhkrishnan?
Ans. According to S. Radhakrishnan the decline of womanhood was caused by the decline of compassion in women.

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