The Lament

 A Lament – एक शोकगीत
These lines have been taken from the poem “A lament” composed by “Percy Bysshe Shelley”.
‘Lament” means to grieve about something. Lament का अर्थ किसी के बारे शोक करना होता है

Context: ( प्रसंग , सन्दर्भ )
This poem is full of  sorrow and disappointment . The poet feels that he is standing on the last steps of his life . He finds himself in the ditch of deep disappointment and there is no end of his sorrow.
Explanation/Central Idea : There was a time when the world was full of attraction but that time has passed away. The peak time of our youth may not return.
the nature has gifted us man beautiful things like blooming spring, sunny summer and a foggy winter. These are pleasing seasons. But when a person is in a melancholy mood none of these seasons give him delight.
The poem describe the feeling of the poet. Poet feels disappointment and failure in his life. He feels that death is approaching him. He is the lover of nature, but now all is fainting away.


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