A girl with the basket Questions and answer

1. Why did millions of people leave Pakistan for India?
Ans. Due to partition between India and Pakistan millions of people left Pakistan to reach India.
2. What misery did partition between India and Pakistan cause to the people ?
Ans. The people in India and Pakistan suffered from religious fanaticism, changed their residences and began their lives a new.
3. What did the writer do to get a feel of the pulse of the nation?
Ans. At every station the writer walked the platform and talked to the people. He talked about world affairs and the events of those days. He heard the views of the people. In this way he tried to know the real feelings of the people of India.
4. Why was the author highly impressed by the conduct of the little girl in the lesson, ‘A girl with a basket’?
Ans. The little girl did not accept the gratuity and returned it to the author with pride and grace like a lady. When the author bought her basket she wiped her eyes and smiled.
5. Why did the refugee children descend like locusts on the writer?
Ans. The writer, William C. Douglas was an American and therefore rich. He could buy the articles of the refugee children with good price. That is why they descended on him like locusts.
6. What was the story told to the Prime Minister by William C. Douglas?
Ans. Douglas told the Indian prime minister the story of nine year old refugee girl who was the fine representative of Indian’s warm souls.
8. Who were these children, selling baskets?
Or Who were selling the baskets and why?
Ans. These were the refugee children who were selling baskets to earn their livelihood.
9. What is an average annual income of an agricultural family as given by William C. Douglas.
Ans. The annual income of an agricultural family does not on the average exceed one hundred dollars a year.
10. Why did the writer William C. Douglas fall in love with India?
Ans. Indians had diligence, self-respect, honor and passion for their independence. So the writer William C. Douglas fell in love with India.

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